Working With Workspace: Testimonials

by Gabriel Shalom, Creative Director


In this series we share examples of how people work with Picter Workspace. Today we’re talking about how we use Workspace internally to prepare testimonial content.

We interview our customers all the time to learn about how to improve Picter Workspace. We recently gathered quotes and portrait photos to create some customer testimonials. Once the content was ready, we reached out to our customers to get their approval.  

We used a single Workspace project to collect all images and texts for our internal review. 

Testimonials Project

Once we reached internal consensus, we created individual projects for each testimonial. Here’s the project we created for the testimonial from Jeff Davenport:

Jeff Davenport Testimonial Project

We stored the text content in the comments on each photo. This included the quotes themselves as well as attribution information and photographer credit. Here’s Jeff confirming his photo is a self-portrait:

Comments panel

To kick off the conversations we added each customer as an editor to their project. Here’s the add team member dialogue in Workspace that makes this possible:

Team members dialogue

We used portraits we found online as a starting point for a conversation with each customer. We knew some folks would want to provide us a different image. With editor access they were able to upload alternatives. 

In this case the image we had found of Madeline Tolle was not the one she preferred us to use. Instead she uploaded a beautiful shot by the photographer Tracy Nguyen. You can see the green checkmark indicates the approved image and the red minus sign indicates the rejected image:

Madeline Tolle portrait options

Workspace made our internal team communication easy. Workspace also gave our customers a way to feedback and collaborate on selection. Here are the results of our work!

Alessia Glaviano

“Workspace is definitely the best software for image collaboration on the market.”

Alessia Glaviano

Brand Visual Director
Vogue Italia
Milan, Italy

Photo: Marco Glaviano

Azu Nwagbogu

"Picter has made a rare tool, useful to both photographers and publishers, editors, and curators."

Azu Nwagbogu

Founder & Director
Lagos Photo and African Artists' Foundation
Lagos, Nigeria

Photo: Paul Odijie

Madeline Tolle

“My clients appreciate not having to type out file names to make selections. I just send them the link.”

Madeline Tolle

Editorial & Commercial Photographer
Los Angeles, California

Photo: Tracy Nguyen

Jeff Davenport

"I can show parts of my portfolio without having to create a webpage. Nothing else exists that looks as good.”

Jeff Davenport

Landscape & Portrait Photographer
Los Angeles, California

Photo: Jeff Davenport

Shannon Finnell

“Having a platform to combine curatorial ideas from artists internationally has been an incredible experience."

Shannon Finnell

Fine Art Photographer
Staff at Parsons School of Fashion
New York, New York

Photo: Hannah Harley

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