Drop the Box. Pick up the Slack. Working with images shouldn’t Drive you crazy.

Introducing a whole new way to work with images using Picter Workspace.

By Gabriel Shalom, Creative Director


Remember that blissful moment that you were able to walk away from FTP forever?

Whether it was a friend who invited you to DropBox to claim their share of free storage space, or the client who sent you giant RAW image assets over WeTransfer, the early days of Google Drive, or the experience of sending any and everything over Slack, more than a handful of companies have made it their mission to eliminate private FTP servers from your daily grind for years now.

But if you work in a visual industry you might still be frustrated.

At the end of the day, while all of these alternatives to FTP are an improvement on file exchange, they still leave something missing if your work involves treating images as anything more than just another data format.


It’s all about the visuals.

Whether you find yourself creating ad-hoc password protected pages on your Squarespace site or throwing a bunch of images into Preview to render a quick PDF, you know the powerful difference that visual presentation makes when pitching new work and sharing ideas. You’re probably so accustomed to jumping through multiple extra hoops to get your visuals out there and looking good you don’t even notice it anymore.

Presentation link

With Presentation Links in Picter Workspace, all of that can come to an end. Toss a couple images into a Workspace project, adjust the order, naming, descriptions, and – voila! – share a Presentation Link with a coworker or client and they’ll only see what you want them to see. Big beautiful imagery, and that’s it.


Get that feedback!

If your job is making visual work, sometimes it might feel like your client’s job is giving feedback. But most clients who hire visual professionals do so precisely because they lack visual expertise themselves. So they’ll send you screenshots from their phones, endless email threads, and middle of the night text messages, assuming you’ll amass all this communication and keep the story straight. Why not make it easier for them to do this the right way? Why not make it easier for yourself?

Gif - Review link - A0 - 10sec.gif

With Review Links from Picter Workspace, your coworkers and clients can feedback using super simple approve and reject flags on a project – even from their mobile device. Realtime sync means you can watch the review happen in real time. You know that feeling you had when you stopped using FTP? Get ready to have that feeling about another three letter acronym when you realize that Review Links for photo selection obsolete the need to use a PDF.


Just inbox me.

Sometimes most of the work you do with images is simply getting them all in the same place. And while WeTransfer or DropBox may claim to make this a breeze, the truth is this scatters image files across a range of services – none of which are expressly designed with images in mind – while often necessitating local duplicates on harddrives the office network can’t see. There’s a better, more visual way to process incoming image content.

Email graphic - Inbox link.jpg

With Inbox Links from Picter Workspace, you can send photographers, art directors and other visual pros in your circle to a dedicated container for their images. Once they upload, you can seamlessly integrate new content into your other in-house editorial processes. Give access to your other collaborators immediately, no download and re-upload required.

Picter Workspace changes the game when it comes to working with visuals. But don’t take our word for it. Try it out for yourself and see the difference it makes. Get started with a free account today!

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