A Preview of our Product Roadmap.

By Richard Stromer (CPO) & Claudio Ricci (CEO)

Image by Juskteez Vu

Image by Juskteez Vu


To continue improving our service while keeping our high quality standards, we are rolling out a new pricing plan for Picter Workspace, effective today.

Here’s what makes the Plus account so valuable for professional photo work:

  • Unlimited uploads so you can work on bigger projects

  • Unlimited projects so you can keep an archive of all your past work.

  • 3 additional editors per project for better collaboration with small teams.

  • PNG support to work with web-ready assets and screenshots.

  • TIFF support to deliver high resolution print-ready files.

And that’s just the beginning. Stay tuned as we look towards exciting new paid-only features in the coming months, such as:

  • Download and read receipts keep you informed on how your clients and colleagues interact with your images.

  • Enhanced collections functionality will enable you to share just a part of a project.

  • RAW support to carry you all the way through from shooting to color correction and retouching.

  • Improved photographer credits so that attribution is always clear and unambiguous.

  • ‘Review Done’ and ‘Upload Done’ buttons to help indicate when it’s time for the next step in a project.

We also have big plans in store for the future*, such as:

  • Custom branding of the Workspace interface for a seamless client delivery experience.

  • Threaded commenting to give more granular feedback.

  • Mentions of collaborators to make sure members of your team are up to date.

  • To-do list integration to check off requests made in the comments.

  • Pixel-accurate annotations let you comment on a specific part of the image.

  • Hand drawn markup to give you that old school grease pencil feel.

  • Global image library which includes all images from all projects.

  • Team member management tools for assigning granular permissions.

  • Custom labels for sorting images based on your own criteria.

*While we cannot make any guarantees on the timeline, we hope to start building these product features in 2020. We will also be determining whether and which features are free or paid-only as we learn more about how you use the tool. 

Your feedback is crucial. 

See something in our roadmap that would make you fall in love? Or think of something that you can’t believe we forgot to include? Drop us a line at communication@picter.com! We want to make Picter Workspace the best tool in the business and we need your help to do it.

Changes to the Free Plan

Upgrades to the Plus plan come hand in hand with some new restrictions on the Free plan. We have adjusted the number of images you can upload for free from 500 to 300, and we have adjusted the number of projects you can create from unlimited to three. If you’ve been using Workspace for free beyond these limits you will need to upgrade to Plus. Otherwise you won’t be able to create new projects or upload new images. Don’t worry though, if those limits are enough for you, you’re welcome to stay on with us for free, forever!

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