A boring article about your data security.

by Gabriel Shalom, Creative Director

Greenishblue House  by Jannike Stelling

Greenishblue House by Jannike Stelling


You might be wondering why this article has such a silly title. It’s because at Picter we take data privacy seriously. An article about our security policies should be boring, because ultimately, when you ask the question “what is Picter doing with my data?” the best answer, and really, the only acceptable answer is the boring truth:

We do nothing with your data.

Some companies are not nearly so boring as Picter when it comes to what they do with your image data. We think you know who we mean, no need to point a finger here.

Our business model is based on selling subscriptions.

  • We do not sell your images to third parties.

  • We do not license your images to advertisers.

  • We do not feed your images to a machine learning algorithm.

  • We do not share metadata about your images with other customers.

  • We do not contact you with marketing material unless you opt in to our newsletter – we follow GDPR.

  • We do not contact you any other way unless we have a legal obligation to notify you of a service update.

We believe in the honest value of the tools we build, and we simply ask that if you want to use the professional features, that you pay for your account.

Sound boring?
When it comes to what we do with your data, it should be.

Still have questions about what we do with your data? Ask in the comments!

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